If you work the land, the best investment you can make is ensuring your land is set-up for success. That means that you have the best land drainage and water supply systems in place. Without adequate water management of these large areas your land could be much less productive than it could be.

The outlay on a subsoil drainage system or new water supply will ensure a long-term return on investment and result in significantly reduced risk of crop loss, increased production, less disease pressure, improved drought tolerance, improved nutrient uptake and reduced stress levels, for you and your crop.


Specialist land drainage design services

Specialist land drainage design services

Trimble WM-DRAIN to assist in the design of the most efficient and cost-effective drainage system for you, this combined with your specific requirements and our extensive design experience. We provide the same detailed "novaflo" drainage design service for all property sizes from small lifestyle blocks, sports fields and through to large commercial horticultural and agricultural enterprises.

Specialist drainage and irrigation trenching machinery

Specialist drainage and irrigation trenching machinery

Installing a new drainage or water system demands highly specialised equipment. Efficient and precise work is key to successfully implementing these vital systems. Keith Nicoll Pipelines has a large fleet of modern, well-maintained equipment that allows us to get the job done.

Large-scale agricultural and horticultural drainage ...

Large-scale agricultural and horticultural drainage system design and installation

The Keith Nicoll Pipelines team often works on large-scale builds. In some situations due to the scale of the project, this is a staged process that occurs over a period of time, but no project is too big or too complex for us to tackle.

Technically Challenging Special Projects

Technically challenging special projects

Retaining walls and palisade walls for land stabilisation and slip prevention, with difficult ground conditions and tight site access. School fields for ground improvements including retaining walls, high precession GPS field contouring allowing complex surface designs, sports field drainage, automated sprinkler irrigation systems and more. Building foundation piles, including innovative methodology to use driven timber piles in both tension and compression.

Experienced drainage pump station designers and installers

Experienced drainage pump station designers and installers

We have considerable experience in the design of pumping stations for both small and large catchment areas.

Building, construction site and roading de watering...

Building, construction site and roading de watering

We have experience in installing under-curb drainage in sub-divisions and roads, under pavement road de-watering, pipeline construction de-watering, with access to internationally based specialist knowledge and equipment.

Simple, small scale systems for lifestyle blocks...

Simple, small scale systems for lifestyle blocks, horse paddocks, large gardens, both pumped and gravity flow systems

Irrigation and stock water installation service

We provide a full irrigation system contract installation service, from centre pivot irrigator construction, through to installing PVC and PE pipe, power mains, headworks, pumps and sprinkler systems for farms orchards and vineyards. We also install stock water systems, including water tank & trough installation. Our specialist trenching equipment comes into its own in installing medium and large scale farm water pipe networks.


Keith Nicoll is an experienced drainage contractor and has been in the industry for 13 years. Keith has always had an affiliation for the land. His passion for ongoing innovation and delivering practical solutions for his clients, has been at the forefront of his business’ development and success. Keith Nicoll Pipelines has a strong company philosophy on not only the quality of the system design, but also its efficiency.

The designs focus on system capacity and are always budget conscience, focusing on a balance between a cost per ha, and the required system capacity. The business has a proven track record of successfully completing the design and installation of complex drainage systems, in difficult conditions.


Blake, joined the team in early 2018 after seven years in Australia. His eye for detail and experience as a farm hand has been invaluable. Living in Central Hawke’s Bay with his wife and three young children, when he’s not at work he can be found on the local beaches with his family, or chasing the “ever-elusive” sika stag in the ranges.

Blake Bennett

Farrel has a farming background which led him to be a trainer at Taratahi, before he felt it was time to get back on the tools full – time. Farrel’s also a keen hunter, who is known to trek several kilometers, to catch a wild boar on his family land in Northern Hawke’s Bay.

Farrel Tihema

Nuks has a strong a passion for all things farming. He has worked on dairy farms in mid-Canterbury, as well as, sheep and beef farms here in the Hawke’s Bay. Before joining the team part-time, he built up his skills in the area of land drainage and irrigation. Now, he is a full-time team member with years of experience behind him.

Nukanoa Hapi


Why do you need drainage?

The aim of farm drainage is to improve the soil environment to provide favourable growing conditions in the root zone for high producing pastures and crops.

Do I need assistance to develop a plan?

For your drainage to be successful many factors need to be considered in the planning stage. When assessing which drainage system to use, its design and its implementation is key to the project’s success and that’s where Keith Nicoll Pipelines can help.

Which areas should be drained first?

Our preference is to provide a free of charge design and quote of the entire project, we are then happy to provide guidance on where we think the first stage should be undertaken, in the case of a system installed in stages over many years, as is commonly the case.

What type of drainage system is required?

This can be a very simple or complex answer depending on the site. We have the experience and the equipment to deal with most situations. Factors often considered are, soil type, crop type, outlet points, natural topography, budget, and shape of the site. This influences, pipe sizes and types, depths, backfill materials, pipe spacings, pumped or gravity options etc.

Why should I use Keith Nicoll Pipelines?

We are a team of experts with years of experience across horticulture and agriculture landscapes. We have completed several projects that have been considered to be unsalvageable. These farms have resulted in high production apple, kiwifruit, cropping and pastoral blocks.



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